The Bridal Room is a Ready-to-Wed bridal boutique carrying a vast collection of Ready-to-Wear wedding gowns, available for sale and for rent. The store also offers in-store alteration services, entourage gowns, wedding and bridal accessories, and consultation services to help every bride complete the entire bridal experience.

REDEFINING RTW: Ready-to-wed

The modern-day bride wants to be more in control of how she will look on her wedding day. She is her own decision-maker, she controls her own timeline. The modern-day bride is more practical, she looks for instant gratification – no surprises.

One-of-a-kind wedding gowns do not necessarily mean custom-made. Ready-to-wear can still be unique. Although buying off-the-rack may mean a difference in selection, it does not necessarily mean a difference in service or quality.


Our hand-selected wedding gowns cater to every bride’s budget, ranging from P30,000-80,000. Wedding gowns for rent range from P10,000-15,000. We carry sizes US size 2- 18 in limited quantities, ensuring a size for every bride, without the hassle of pre-ordering.